Be Unapologetically African by enjoying your Black Crown Gin & Tonic or Black Crown Gin & Dry Lemon with Marula

  • Gin & Dry Lemon with Marula

    Gin & Tonic is best served with ice, mint and your choice of citrus fruits

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  • Gin & Tonic

    Gin & Tonic is best served with ice, mint and your choice of berries

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Unapologetically African

Black Crown is a gin that is proudly made of Africa. Sourced and crafted locally, it presents a bold personality – which means it has a taste that can only be enjoyed by those that appreciate locally crafted excellence.

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    Born into the Zulu monarchy, she is the pride of her family, she sits at the helm of royalty. Graceful, poised, headstrong.

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    Mkhonto believes in the lineage of his family customs, values and is a staunch traditional Zulu man. Entrenched in ubuntu, he understands his role and leads by example.

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    Hulisani a Venda young lady who is deliberate and evolved, taking her family history and her environment that has shaped her identity.

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    Hlalanathi has been part of the royal house for many centuries, he  offers guidance and support to the royal family members. He is kind, funny, quirky intuitive and embodies great wisdom.

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    The trendsetter, the flamboyant friend, he is the bourgeoise socialite, wears Maxhosa clothing, spends his time at Saintly Sundays in the hub of Sandton prestigious nightclubs